Saturday, March 27, 2010

The World According to Pink Poodle Purse

Pink Poodle Purse is both well-groomed & well-behaved so was invited to the Mingei Museum's jazz fundraiser. Having successfully passed Party Purse 101 training-- Pink Poodle Purse responded well to commands including,  " Purse! Fetch the house chardonnay!  and Purse! Clap on 2 & 4!"  

"I'm French and pale. If I don't suntan, I look goth."  Fair-skinned Pink Poodle Purse wears fashionable Audrey Hepburn'esque shades, after a lavish application of hypoallergenic PABA-free sunscreen.

 One is Pink Poodle Purse, and one is Peanut, a Yorkipoo.

 One man's "Spoiled" Pink Poodle Purse is another woman's helpful and positively-reinforced Personal Assistant.

Pink Poodle Purse is a working purse who carries her owner's personal belongings in exchange for MilkBones, freshly cut flowers and permission to sit on the snack bar.

 "Fetch the MAC Orchid Lipgloss.  Sit! Good purse! "

 "Fetch the keys!  Play dead. Good Purse!"

"Purse, rooooll over!"  
Wow. That trick's worth twenty bucks!  
"Purse, fetch Andy Jackson!"

"Who got in the Milk-Bones?"

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