Thursday, November 5, 2009

Insinuate Broadly

So you think of me when you hear that song,
Well, I see you in moon and stars, and
when cauliflower clouds conspire over distant mountains, and
when little grey birds make music in fallen leaves, and
when ancient stones peek from secret depths, so

think of me when she
speaks of sky or earth, or
whispers secrets of you and she, or
when her eyes meet yours, or
when her fingers brush your skin, or
when your squeals combine in harmonic rapture, and
when you kiss her tears,
their salt is mine, and
when champagne bubbles tickle tongues, they are
our giggles in paradise ethers, so

see my smile when you please her, and
when your sweaty sauces merge, and
when you cannot catch your breath, and
when your heart pounds in your throat,
feel me, and
when your mouth samples hers,
taste mine, and
when you enter her,
imagine my sweetness, and
when you hear crickets and coyotes and false dawn's rooster crow,
hear my voice, and
when you walk,
feel my bare, graceful feet in your stride, and
when your hands work or play,
see my elegant, perfect fingers, and
when your tongue laps water or wine or cream, and
when your teeth nip apples or grapes or pears, and
when your lips meet cheese or almonds, or crunchy cabbage or anything,
we feed upon each other, like
starving caterpillars destined for butterflight passion, so
when you speak or chew or swallow or kiss, or
you notice any mouth,
my lips are on you, and

see my curves in the moon's, and
spot my body in every circle, from
hot sun to dotty bug, and
when the air sweeps your skin,
it is my soft hair, and
when you bathe,
it is the water of my passion, so
smell me in your bed, and
when you retire,
my hot thighs pillow your sleepy head, so
when you slumber, and I,
haunted by you,
lie sleepless,
dream of me, and know

I am the secret shade
that heals your exhaustion after a morning ascent, and
I am the pulse of every lazy afternoon love poem, and 
I hide in prickly cholla blossom and fuzzy nebula ring, and
I am delicate kisses on the nape of your neck in the breeze, so
I am everything that touches you
everywhere and
everything you touch, so

let us love on the sand, and
under trees, and
in the chapparel, and
in icy storm, and
in barren desert, so
you find me in every place and clime, and
let us make love
from dawn to dusk, and
from sunset to sunrise, so
you remember
me in every moment, and
let us argue and rant and sob and fret, so
you recognize me in your angst, and 
when ecstasy swallows darkness,
glimpse me in the shadow, and 
when we are torn apart by
hear me in the white space, and 
when everything fits, and
is beautiful, and
think of me. 

Insinuate broadly.