Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let them have wine baths!

Blogger DeNeice Kenehan loves bubble baths.

"Everything is a miracle. 
It is a miracle that one does not dissolve 
in one's bath like a lump of sugar.
Pablo Picasso
"Existentialism means that no one else 
can take a bath for you."
Delmore Schwartz 

My recuperating friend recently suggested that epsom salts in her bath seem to reduce flu symptoms.  I instinctively wondered about the health benefits of, say, "bathing in wine."  All great minds seemingly think alike, for just five days ago, the UK's Mail Online similarly had inquired, "Can bathing in wine make you younger and cure cellulite? (Click for information about this alternative spa therapy)

Oui, oui, according to France's first wine spa in Bourdeaux. Its vinotherapy and grapeseed oil products are said to slim wrinkles, cellulite, drooping faces, while boosting energy and spirits at the18th Century chateau. 

Luxury wine spas are opening all around the world.  Here is oenophile Joe Fattorini bathing in wine at Argentina's Cavas Wine Lodge near Mendoza.   WATCH Joe take a bath in wine

"Desperate Housewife" actress Terri Hatcher adds a little leftover wine to her baths, following the advice of a pharmacist friend.  But bathing in wine a la Cleopatra is probably unsafe.  Spartan mothers in ancient Greece, according to Plutarch, bathed their newborn infants in wine simply to see if they were healthy enough to survive the process.  Many died, with weak survivors given away to become slaves.

How to NOT take a Home Wine Bath: Watch: Performance Artist Mattress Soup (just weird)   

How TO take a Home Wine Bath:  Watch: '"Minnie Driver- Wine Bath" (weird & funny)

Here's a commercial product for your Home Wine Soak, if you don't want to just pour in four-day-old wine.CLICK: For info or to order Wine Bath Soak


Wine Bath Soak
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If you'd like to plan an authentic Wine Spa experience, read these:  "For Spa-Goers, Wine by the Glass, or by the Bath- Susan Lehman, New York Times and also 10 Luxury Wine Spas
The Kenwood Inn and Spa, Kenwood, Calif. 95452, (800) 353-6966 or (707) 833 1293;    Each of the 30 rooms has a wood-burning fireplace, a view of the surrounding vineyards and lots of charm and character.    The spa offers a full range of wine-based spa treatments in earth-colored treatment rooms and has a cozy relaxation area stocked with local wines where a comforting fire is always burning. Breakfast is served on a stone patio or in the breakfast bungalow. -- The New York Times

"Enjoying a wine barrel bath @Kenwood Inn & Spa in Sonoma. 
The bath is composed of a mixture of organic oils and an extract of finely crushed grape seeds, skins, stalks and pulp." -- Peter DaSilva, The New York Times

If you like the idea of wine baths, consider that two hours west of Tokyo, you can bathe in community in all sorts of odd concoctions -- green tea, chocolate, Japanese rice wine, or hot coffee. VIDEO Report!: "Bathing in wine, chocolate, coffee and tea in japan "- Richard Kimber, TIMES Online

"Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, 
a bath & a glass of wine."
St. Thomas Aquinas 

POSTSCRIPT.  Liquid water discovered on Jupiter's moon Europa for very BIG baths!  CLICK: Big Lakes on Europa