Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Animal You!!

" I am the Walrus" *

* koo koocha choo

I retook the ANIMAL IN YOU personality test recently, because I don't want to be a PORCUPINE, ala prickly Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and Bobcat Goldwaithe.  

I don't want an ideal career as an IRS Tax Agent or Postal Carrier  or Customs Inspector (not that there is anything intrinsically evil about officious civil servants).

The new and improved test result says I am a HORSE or a DOG or a BABOON.   

As a HORSE, I would work well  in physical labor or medicine or law. Like Magic Johnson and Tom Selleck.

I  align more, however, with Simia hamadryas, with famous BABOONS like Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Billy Crystal, or Conan O'Brien... and to have a career as a Journalist, Artist, Entertainer or Comedian. And, yes, I do enjoy "Massages,  Camping (Lite), Family Time (Lite), and Talking (!!)."


This is beginning to feel scientific.

Dr. Phil is a TIGER and supports the test's validity, though it asks only ten simple multiple choice questions, including how large are you and do you like to travel on vacations.  Mrs. Doctor Phil is a BADGER and does not like --or trust-- the test at all.  "I do not baaaadger you," she whiiines.

But test designer Roy Feinson claims it is "the original and most accurate personality test on the Web."  I Wiki'd him, and the guy  has major scientific cajones.  He has written two books on the evolutionary influence of animals on human behavior...and done much more.

This modern-day Davinci just happens to be the inventor of predictive cell phone text.  So when you type "Four sco...,"  and the entire Gettysburg address spins out, you can thank Roy.

This South African's an international artistic wizard, as well. His impressionist mosaics have been displayed at Disneyland and were used at last year's Grammy Awards show.  In fact, his 3D mosaics invention generated graphic programs for fluid time lapse and forensic video analysis used by California law enforcement...and  likely also insurance defense attorneys.  

Both his credentials and the telling test results convince!

I am a BABOON.  And Dr. Phil's wife badgers him.

~ Buh'byeeee ~